Urban In Ibiza

I’ve recently been preparing for this years ‘Urban In Ibiza’ event. Urban In Ibiza is run by Paul ‘Dizzi’ Saunders who is the owner of The London Westbank Gallery. This year they have teamed up with the luxury hand made leather jacket company OMCSU and have asked a number of artists to paint a leather jacket. I also did a Malcolm X canvas painting to go with it.

‘The event the island looks forward every year’ – Essential Ibiza

‘A truly unique night in Ibiza’s social calendar and a huge success’ – Vogue Magazine

Urban in Ibiza combines many different disciplines of urban artistic culture into an integrated and curated highlight experience at Atzaro Agroturismo Ibiza. It offers a large scale exhibition of artworks from the London Westbank Gallery’s stable of prominent street artists, combined with live painting and workshops from leading contemporary spray can artists.
We feature the innovative use of art & electronics, keeping our content and relationships with the audience at the cutting-edge:

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