Tranquility, 2019


Tranquility, 2019

Oil and enamel on canvas

247cm x 195cm

This piece entitled Tranquility was part of my solo exhibition ‘ALPHA male’ supported by the Arts Council England in 2019 at StudionAme gallery space in Leicester. It is based on my twin daughters Indigo and Iylah on a family holiday in Italy.

‘A solo exhibition of new works by Tim Fowler exploring the image of a mans role within the contemporary household.

The exhibition consists of several paintings, some scaling over 6ft tall, depicting intimate family scenes, stolen moments alone and the adorable bond between the artists twin daughters. Having developed a more liberated style of painting in preparation for this exhibition, Tim creates deconstructed images by utilizing abstract marks and his signature colour palette to express candid family moments to subvert ideas of a males role within a contemporary household and in Tims case a female dominated home. Since becoming a Father to twin girls, they have taken centre stage, and the dynamic between them has fascinated him. Though they are two individuals and have their own quirks, they are also always together and almost make up one entity. Capturing that distinct relationship between the two of them has been central to to many of the paintings within the exhibition.

When one ponders the concept of an alpha male, negative images of aggression, dominance, misogyny and domineering displays of toxic masculinity are conjured.

Using alphamale as a title is a purposeful and used ironically to poke fun at those outdated ideas of what it means to be male and what roles men are expected to play. It intends to challenge peoples preconceptions of what an alphamale is and does. The work within the exhibition contrasts with those archaic prejudices and challenges attitudes, showing vulnerabilities, frankness and humour, taking a satirical look at manliness and fatherhood.

Tim has been able to explore this new subject matter within his work and develop his painting technique. Tim’s work is incredibly vivid, using a colour palette of extremely bright and intense hues that makes his work distinctly recognisable. Pink plays a central roll within his palette which coincides with the themes being explored within his latest body of work.’ Text from exhibition catalogue written by Loz Atkinson.

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