‘In Good Company’ Solo exhibition at Darren Baker Gallery

Here are some images from my recent solo exhibition at the amazing Darren Baker Gallery situated in W1’s Fitzrovia. The exhibition entitled ‘In Good Company’ was based around my interpretations of silver screen actors and actresses portraits. These people are all known for their roles in black and white films so to see them painted in my style and my strong use of colour creates a very interesting contrast.

The whole show was an outstanding success with an overwhelming attendance on the opening night. It’s an amazing feeling to have worked relentlessly for months on a body of work to then have it framed and professionally curated in such prestigious gallery and location.

‘Fowler’s style comprises bold brushstrokes and a vivid, energetic palette of neon greens, oranges, pinks, purples and blues. His works often use a combination of media including acrylic paint, enamel, gloss, spray paint, ink, oil sticks and marker pens.

Having caught the attention of many national and international collectors with his early cityscapes, featuring iconic buildings such as Battersea Power Station and the Old Vic, Fowler is now gaining more traction with his striking series of portraits.

Taking inspiration from a mixture of characters from the silver screen, legendary fashion icons and stars of popular culture, Fowler imbues them with a new lease of life using his signature expressive style and contemporary palette. ‘ Darren Baker Gallery, press release.